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Nordstrom stock up after attack by Trump administration

Today, the Trump administration tried to lay the Orange Crush on Nordstrom after they announced they’re dropping Ivanka Trump’s line due to poor sales. Not only did Cheeto Benito tweet about how unfair Nordstrom is, but the White House Director of Communications said Nordstrom was directly attacking Trump’s policies by dropping his daughter’s fashion line. He said it during a press briefing. In the White House. Good god.

Nordstrom stock is up 4% after this nonsense, so there’s that I guess.

The President CANNOT attack companies for conducting business normally. The PRESS SECRETARY cannot attack companies for conducting business normally. He’s a man-child, I get that, but SOMEONE has to be in charge of him. We all have man-children and women-children in our lives, and they all have handlers. Who the hell is handling Trump?

True to form, the unwashed masses are threatening all manner of boycotts at Nordstrom, as if that’s going to make a lick of difference. They don’t put Nordstrom in trailer parks in Alabama.