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The Revolution Will Totally Be Televised Probably

I was watching TV –heck, maybe it was Youtube–the other day when the commercial for Logan, the new Wolverine movie came on.  I was just about to flip the channel because, let’s face it, there’s a new superhero movie out every other week, when I noticed this young girl appear on screen kicking major bad guy butt. The old guy played by Patrick Stewart makes a comment to Wolverine that the new girl was going to grow up to be more powerful than he could ever be. Now, while I am still not a fan of superhero movies, I am a fan of female representation in the world of heroes. This is mostly because I never got that when I was growing up.

I don’t know your age, and I’m not about to tell you mine right now.  But let’s just say that when I was growing up that little girl on the Logan trailer would not have been there. It would have been a boy.  Robin Hood and the Merry Men. Batman and Robin. Green Hornet and Kato. You get the picture. Marvel is giving a real story to this new young mutant, demonstrating her extreme capability to be a fighter, warrior, and hero.  It sort of helped lift the alcohol fueled fog I’ve been in since Trump’s swearing in as POTUS. I realized that the real revolution is in culture, not politics.

As I pop some aspirin to clear away my Trumpache, I have to look to the positive rather than focus on the negative. We own culture. We’re trending upwards in culture. This young girl isn’t alone in making it to the big screen as a hero. The last two Star Wars films had female leads, one of which being the new protagonist of the series. She’s not supporting character—No!  She’s gonna save the frickin’ universe.

The real revolution isn’t going to be in DC. It’s going to be in your living room. The most popular show right now is Game of Thrones.  Let’s look at that for a moment. This is a show that is filled to the brim with powerful women. And not just white hat wearing good gals, we have moral ambiguity. We have women making life or death choices unrepentantly.  Do you really think the generation of women and girls who cheer for Arya (The Girl) Stark, an incomparable young assassin will dutifully go back to waiting in a tower for her prince to come? Will they ignore Danaerys Stormborn, “Breaker of Chains” and “Mother of Dragons,” and want to return to the shadows where wicked step mothers and ugly old stepsisters abuse and harass each other just to win over the love of one man?

Hell no, helllll no, and hell to the no.

And it’s not just white women we’re seeing in movies today. Beyonce is the most popular recording artist of our generation. Oprah is a billionaire entertainment mogul. Sophia Vergara is not only breaking barriers as a Latino woman but breaking barriers in regards to age and sexuality. She made $43 million dollars in 2016. That would never have happened in the 90s.

Not that I was a teen in the 90s or anything, but if I was I’d tell you that where we are today is because riot gurls were kicking ass and taking names on our behalf.

No one should ever crawl back into the shadows, especially not women. We have this moment to focus our vision and look to the next generations and what they will know and see. Will they see women portrayed as trophies, falling in love with the first guy they kiss? Or, will they see women who win trophies? This is our time, we own this culture, now we just have to hold it.

So grab that pussy hat and start making art.